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The End of the Story November 13, 2012

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A warning to all of those who have the potential to be as stupid as me: Go read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…” I know you, like me, probably read this when you were 6, but there are some seriously good parenting lessons in there. Lessons about how if you do something nice for your kids, even once, it will come back and bite you in the ass! Like that one time (okay, maybe 8 or 10 times) I gave Goober my phone to play on while I was grocery shopping or in line at the bank or something where I just wanted THE WHINING TO STOP. That one time (or 6 or 12 times) was enough for the power of the screen to hook its claws into my sweet toddler and turn him into something unrecognizable. Now everyday I have to listen to, “Momma, can I play on your phone?” “Mom, can I have your phone?” “Mommy, I want your phone!!!!!” And when I say no, over and over and over, the world as we know it comes to an end. We’re talking full on tantrum, complete with wailing, garment rending, and dramatic collapsing onto the floor. All for the cruel denial of his precious virtual dinosaur puzzle. I’m mean like that.

This particular lesson smacked me in the face again this morning. A little background- during the summer, I like to stop occasionally at QuikTrip for a soda. They’re always on sale over the summer and sometimes you just need some therapy in the form of fountain Diet Dr. Pepper. This summer, however, Goober has an awareness that Momma is getting something and he wants some. Since he’s not allowed to have soda, I got into the BAD habit of buying him the kid sized slushy anytime he was with me and I stopped.  I tried to explain to him that this was a “special treat,” that we only get “sometimes.” I’m pretty sure what he heard was “delicious sugar that you are entitled to on demand!” I tried to space out such treats, but it didn’t help that he started petitioning the grandparents to take him on his days with them. Kid is smart!

All of this leads us to this morning, when we were on our way to my dad’s house (he baby-sits Goober on Tuesdays.) We pass a gas station and the following conversation commences.

“Momma, look, a gas station! I need a special drink!”

“No buddy, we’re not stopping this morning.”

“But I NEED a special drink!!”

“Not today, we don’t need to spend money on that.”


{Insert futile attempt to explain the difference between need and want to a 2-yr old. I know, I know!}

“But Mommy, I need it.”

“No buddy, you want it.”

“Mommy, I want a special drink!!!”

“Goober, we are not stopping, and that’s the end of the story!”


“Oh yeah? What’s the end of the story then?”


You try saying “No” to this guy!


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I had a child.

( And why I keep giving into him. Kid is GOOD!)


I’m a survivor March 8, 2012

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Despite Goober coming into our lives almost two(!) years ago, there are still constant initiations into this whole parenting gig. New experiences, first times that make me feel like I’m still just playing pretend with this whole Grown Up Mother role. This week was definitely one of the more trying of those times. Monday morning Hubby and I woke up to a crib full of toddler barf. Let me tell you, nothing will wake you up faster than your 1 year playing in his own puke. Lovely. Hubby cleaned up the kiddo while I changed sheets and started laundry. Once he was all spic and span, Goober acted like there was nothing wrong. He ran around the house like his usual self, getting into trouble and everything pointed to him being perfectly fine. As newbies, Hubby and I just figured maybe he ate something funny and he was fine now. I went off to work, unaware that the week from hell was ahead of us.

The rest of the day Hubby dealt with our barfing baby boy, along with some diapers that could realistically be used as biological weapons. I came home early to accompany them to the pediatrician who lovingly told us there’s nothing we could do for him, except wait it out, and that these stomach flu bugs were going around. Monday evening consisted of me taking the lead on cleaning up two more pukefests and the sanitation of some very befouled stuffed animals.

Tuesday morning I went in to work late after trying to catch up on the sleep I missed the night before. I felt…off. I tried to convince myself that it was just the sleep deprivation that was causing it, but after eating lunch, there was no denying that I had caught the bug. I went home where I stayed in the fetal position for about 18 hours. It was pretty tortuous. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t really drink anything, and I couldn’t see my baby. I sent Hubby over to his parent’s house with Goober, because if Goober saw me, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t jump on me, why I couldn’t get up and play with him.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling significantly better than the day before. Sure, I was crazy dehydrated and hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, but compared to what I felt the night before, I was in great shape. I went to work, only to go downhill as the day progressed. Dizzy, lethargic, and overall just felt crummy. Once again, I came home midday and went to bed. Luckily Goober was still at his grandma’s, so I didn’t have to hide from him. A 3.5 hour nap later, I was good as new. I stayed in bed reading, but I felt pretty much fine. Hubby and Goober came home, I got to play with Goober before he had to go to bed, which felt amazing after being separated from him for over a day. Right after he went to bed though, I started feeling crummy again and now Hubby felt bad too. The Bug of Doom strikes again!

It’s now Thursday morning. I am still at home because Hubby feels like crap. Luckily my parents are coming to pick up Goober around 10 so that I can go to work. I feel pretty great, but after all the feel-great-fakeouts the last couple days, I’m still skeptical that I’m over this nastiness. On the upside, I feel like I’ve been through an initiation process. A parental hazing of sorts. I’ve gone through our first toddler barfing (completely different than infant puke!), plus experienced consecutively sick family members, and lived to see the other side of all of it. I’m expecting the appropriate merit badges to arrive any day now.


Fall Back- Into crummy sleeping Habits November 7, 2011

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Happy Monday! I know, a contradiction in terms, right? Did everyone enjoy their extra hour yesterday? I don’t know what it is about time changes, but they totally throw Goober off. And in ways that don’t even make sense. Maybe it’s coincidence that every time the time changes, he has several days of weird sleep, but I don’t think so. In the early hours of Sunday (3:30 pre time change, 2:30 post time change) Goober woke up thinking it was party time or something. And unlike his other occasional night wakings, this time he wasn’t screaming. Very unusual for him. Instead he was playing and talking in his crib. This continued for more than an hour, while Hubby and I laid there and listened to him. It was a phenomenon that we have never experienced, him being awake AND in his crib BUT NOT screaming. Very strange. Eventually he fell back asleep and so did we, and he slept until about 7 am (new time, 8 old time), which is very late for him. Then on Sunday his naps were all screwed up. He took a morning nap for about an hour and a half, but no afternoon nap. He woke up crying around 2 am this morning, and again at 5, and woke up for the day at 6. Very early, Momma no like!

This weekend the Hubby and I were extremely productive. We figured it might be the last good weekend of the year, so we got out in the yard and got BUSY! (not that kind of busy, surely not in the yard!)


  • tore out a brick flower bed on the side of the house (I got to use a sledge hammer!)
  • Hauled two loads of rocks/brick/weird pieces of concrete to the dump. On the second round I batted my eyelashes at the guy working the register to get him to let us go for free since it would have only taken us 1 trip if we’d had a truck. It worked!
  • Planted new shrubs in front of our porch and a lilac bush under our bedroom window. I can’t wait for it to bloom next spring and I will be able to smell them from my room with the windows open!!!
  • Dug/smashed/yanked out several old railroad ties that were buried along our back fence. Ugly, rotting, yet still in there really well stupid railroad ties. It’s amazing how something so rotting and decomposing can still hold on tight to the ground! It took us an average of 15-30 minutes PER TIE.

Unrelated to the yard, but still accomplished:

  • Found some FREE! gently used carpet on Craigslist for our basement. We had to drive 45 minutes to get it and we still have to figure out how to install it, but HEY ITS FREE!
  • Dyed my recently purchased couch & love seat slip covers.

So all in all a great weekend. Most of the work was done with Goober napping or working out there with us. We gave him “tasks” to do and he got down to business: raking mulch, moving tiny rocks from Place A to Place B. We’re working on following directions, so there was lots of good practice, even if he still doesn’t get it too often.

Oh! I almost forgot. Yesterday I got an email from Kristabella telling me I won her Shutterfly card giveaway! 25 more free holiday cards!! SWEET! Thanks Kristin!!


Daily Goober 10/10/11 October 10, 2011

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** Warning. I’m going to talk about baby poop. You have been warned**

Dearest Goober,

I know you don’t have the capability at this point to control your bodily functions, however, if you are going to poop in the bathtub, Momma would really appreciate it if you could reserve that little jewel for when your Daddy is home to help. Also, when I remove you from the fouled water, please understand it is for your own health and best interests. I am not, as your screams imply, doing it just to spite you and your bath time fun.

In addition, I’d just like to add that cleaning up a “poop in the tub” incident was far easier when you were still small enough to fit in the baby tub, which is small enough to be sprayed out over the toilet. My experience last night with the big tub, a sponge, bleach, and about a hundred tub toys was less than pleasant. This led to me calling your father and demanding a frozen concoction (preferably alcoholic if possible) be purchased and brought to me right quick.

I love you, but I would not be sad to see this episode repeated by my future grandchildren when their daddy is on duty. I’m just saying.




Daily Goober 9/29/11 September 29, 2011

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Dear Goober,

Last night when we hung out, just the two of us, I had so much fun with you. You were so talkative and inquisitive and you giggled so much! I took you to feed the ducks at a nearby park, your first time doing this activity, and you were so mesmerized by the act of throwing bread to the ducks.

Lately you’ve been really into animals, learning what we call them and what noises they make. Anytime you can see one of the animals from your books nearby in real life, you’re completely entranced by them. When I took you over to those ducks, you were just in heaven! I hope you retain that as you grow up, that innocent amazement in your daily experiences, both new and old. Just because you’ve seen something more than once doesn’t make it any less special. Every day that we have in this life is a miracle and a gift. I really want to teach you that, teach you to be grateful of your life and your blessings and to not take any of them for granted.

Just yesterday, you were sitting on top of the toilet, watching me get ready for work. As you’re prone to do, you wiggled just a little too far back and you started to fall backwards. I easily righted you back up before you went too far, but what could have been flashed before my eyes. If I was a little more distracted, if I’d turned my back at just the wrong moment, you could have kept falling. Falling at the exact spot where your little head and neck would have hit the side of the tub. It could have been very bad, it was at such the exact spot where it could have been very very bad. But it wasn’t.

There will be millions of moments like that in your life, millions of split-second chances for everything to change and for everything to go wrong. I want to bring you up with this awareness, not to frighten you into frozen terror, but to show you how wonderful our lives are. I want you to be grateful for every minute God blesses you with breath, be humbled by all the blessings in your life, and be awestruck by the daily miracles that surround you.

Love, Momma

my little explorer


Daily Goober 9/12/11 September 12, 2011

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Dear Goober,

I’m sorry your gums hurt you so much.

I’m sorry you can’t communicate very well yet.

I’m sorry you feel frustrated by not being able to tell us what hurts.

I’m sorry I can’t make it better.

I’m sorry I run out of patience.

I’m sorry I don’t take you outside as much as you’d like.

I’m sorry I have to leave you everyday to go to work.

I’m sorry I often try to put chores before you.

I’m sorry you don’t get as much of my attention as you’d like, and probably not even as much as you need.

I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better. You deserve better.

Love you.



Daily Goober September 7, 2011

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As I mentioned when I first started writing here, I’m a terrible baby book keeper. Horrible. This blog was actually meant to be a virtual baby book, a place to write down milestones and tiny daily memories, the things that I won’t remember on my own. In our fast paced, high tech world,  remembering to write down every new word that he learns is not possible. For some it is, but me, not so much. This annoys me. I want to be the woman who grabs a post-it to jot down my kid’s latest expression or new tooth or first tantrum. I’m going to want to look at those things, I’m going to want to flip through those memories someday, whether it’s because I’m old and gray and want to relive the preciousness that is these years, or because it’s two years from now and I’m trying to remember what possessed me to have a child in the first place ( I hear 3 is a bitch).

Lately I’ve noticed my posts tend to be very me-centric. I’m okay with that, it’s probably better to rattle on about myself to the great unknown than to some helpless person in the grocery checkout line. What I’m not okay with is my deviation away from my original goal: to archive Goober’s baby days, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. I want to remember how many ear infections he’s had, I want to know how he first pronounces Sophie (our dog), I want to recall the way he likes to hear the same book over and over consecutively. I want to remember how we spend his first 10 minutes awake every morning cuddling on the couch with his milk cup, just him and me.

So from here on out I’m planning to feature a semi-regular post: Daily Goober. This is where I’ll put down a new milestone, a funny anecdote, or a mild rant about my tiny little dictator. I say semi-regular to give myself a break, but every day is definitely my goal. I really hope that this will kick start my brain to hold on a little tighter to these every day miracles.