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Secret May 26, 2011

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[looks around nervously]

I want to say something, but I don’t want to jinx anything. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the way things used to be. I’m afraid of going back. I’m afraid that this wonderful, beautiful, stupendous thing may crumble if I even THINK of getting comfortable. If I exhale too deeply, it might slip away from me, like chasing a rainbow, or some similar but less cheesy simile.

Okay. Here goes.

Goober has been sleeping through the night for over a week.

SHHH. Don’t say anything. Don’t even move.

[tiptoes away quietly}


All Night Long May 19, 2011

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As in, that’s how long he slept last night! 8pm to 5am. To some (most) this is not enough sleep for an 11 month old, but when your child has been spending the past month plus (I cannot even remember how long it’s been, it’s been so long) (redundancy is a symptom of sleep deprivation. True story), you tend to get really excited when 5 a.m. is the first waking. Praise Jesus! Obviously typing that in this here blog, along with the Facebook status update, the phone calls and emails, will negate this development into a pleasant blip on the radar, a fluke. God I hope that’s not the case. I hope, I PRAY that those two teeth that finally came all the way through his obviously sensitive little gums have been the culprits of our sleeping hiatus. I hope, I PRAY that now that his mouth is feeling better, that sleep will magically return to our household as more than just a myth. Please oh please, Mr. Sandman, bring me some uninterrupted dusk to dawn SLEEP on multiple consecutive nights. PLEASE.


The A.U.G. and Me April 28, 2011

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Last night I got home a little later than usual, went to the store and whatnot, so the hubby picked up Goober. When I walked in the door, he crawled over with his look that said “Pick me up!!” Of course I obliged, but that seemed to trigger some sort of portkey that transported my baby somewhere else and left me with Alternate Universe Goober. Alternate Universe Goober, here known as AUG, is not my baby. AUG is cranky. AUG is crabby. AUG whines. AUG is clingy. AUG cries. A lot. I was very dismayed to see Alternate Universe Goober, but so to comply with Alternate Universe Baby Rules, I continued to care for this creature in my usual manner, hoping that my sweet, good-natured Goober would return quickly. I fed little AUG and then proceeded to try to play with him. No good. AUG cried. He cried and cried and nothing I did would help. It appears that Teething was the cause that brought little AUG into our lives. I administered some infant ibuprofen, applied copious oragel, but still found no relief from the tears. Finally I resorted to an early bottle and bedtime. Little AUG spent close to thirty minutes crying off and on before falling asleep. I was hopeful that we would wake up to find our regular Goober, but AUG was there to greet us with wails at 11, 1, and 4. I was awakened to a hungry baby around 6:15. I got a few smiles after feeding him, so I thought, ” Hooray! My Goober is back!” I was wrong. The AUG showed his true colors quickly and the whiney, crying, clingy little boy returned to his evil ways. I’m hoping Goober is waiting for me at daycare when I get off work tonight. Goober, if you’re out there reading this, come home! We miss you!!


I Rise, You Shine November 17, 2010

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Right now sleeping is not going great. We’ve done a good job at making you a really good going-to-sleep baby. Around 7 every night, we start our routine of bath, pjs, nursing, book(s), and then bed, while still awake. I lay you down, put your paci in, kiss your head, say “night night buddy”, and leave. Sometimes you chatter, sometimes you play, but 5-6 out of the 7 nights of the week you go to sleep with little to no fuss. Amen, thank you Jesus.

You are not a natural sleeper. It took some molding to get us to this point. And I am proud to say that I feel like I did a good job of shaping a routine that encourages you to put yourself to sleep. However. What you are not, at this point, is a good stay-asleep baby. And that is because I am a TERRIBLE middle-of-the-night mom. This was not a problem when you were first born. It was encouraged that you ate every 2-3 hours. So when you woke up every 2-3 hours, I was perfectly okay giving you some boob and you’d eat and drift back to sleep and I would do the same. At 5 mos old though, you do not need to eat every 2-3 hours overnight. You eat cereal and fruits and nurse for a long time prior to bed. Yet you still wake up 2,3, 4 times a night. And I let you. I give in. I’m so tired, so EXHAUSTED that I do not want to put forth the time and effort required to get you back to sleep without feeding. It’s SO easy to nurse you for 5 min, till you nod off and then go back to bed. Or, if it’s close enough to morning, bring you back in bed with me and pass out before you’re even done eating.

So it goes on, your little midnight parties. And I go on, like a zombie. I sleep through alarms, I’m late to work, I skip breakfast, I consume WAY too much caffeine for a breastfeeding mother.

You, on the other hand, are a morning person through and through. You don’t like hanging out in your crib too much, but you just give a little holler and we come running. More often than not your dad and I will go in together because it’s just so awesome. You look up from your crib, grinning from ear to ear, eyes all lit up. If you had a thought bubble over your head, I’m pretty sure it would read, “It’s you again! I missed you! I’m so glad to see you!!” For you, in the morning, everything is great. Diaper change! New clothes! Play on the floor! Food! Nothing is dull or frustrating. Everything is giggle worthy.

Sooner, rather than later, I’m going to have to crack down and sleep train you. It won’t be pretty. I’m sure I will only be more haggard the next day. But you, I’m pretty sure you will maintain your morning cheer. And that is more sustaining than any amount of coffee.